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Vergola Roof Systems

If you are you looking for intelligent pergolas, then look no further!

Vergola provides a roofing enclosure system that uses adjustable louvres for every weather condition and for every season. It is an innovative, exclusive system of opening and closing roofs by the use of geared louvres - taylormade to fit any customer's specific needs.

Vergola lets through a maximum of natural light or total or partial darkness, by simply adjusting the tilt of the louvres.

The louvres have been designed to interlock, thus transforming the Vergola into a water resistant roof against weather, including rain sensors that will automatically close the louvres with only a few rain drops. 

For more information on ventilation, insulation, security and more topics please visit http://vergola.es/en

Vergola Roof System

Vergola Roof System Vergola

Vergola Roof System

Vergola Roof System

Vergola Roof System

Wood-burning stoves

Marbella Viewings holds together with our associates in Malaga Trade the exclusive selling rights for the Morsø cast-iron wood-burning stoves throughout Spain. 

Morsø burners will already be well-known to many UK residents, as one of the main markets is the U.K.

Even on the Costa del Sol you need heating of your home during the cooler winter evenings, and a wood-burning stove is an efficient and economical way of heating that is comforting and cosy, including being more eco-friendly with less CO-2 emissions than electric heating for instance.

Morsø has through generations been the quintessential Danish wood-burning stove and has been purveyor to the Royal Danish Court for the last 100 years.

Choose from free-standing, insert- or wall hanging wood burners.

If you would like to be contacted, please email: th@malagatrade.com

For further information please visit: http://morso.co.uk

Download the catalogue and pricelist here: Download

Morsø wood burning stoves Morsø wood burning stoves Morsø wood burning stoves Morsø wood burning stoves Morsø wood burning stoves